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Training Programs offered by Amy Ruppert, MCC


Coaching Out of the Box®
5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program

A two day basic coaching skills training program for organizational managers and leaders developed by pioneers and leaders in the coaching profession.
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Personal Groundwork for Coaching™

A personal exploration program to examine and assess key areas of your personal and business life in order to build resiliency, remove obstacles and connect with what is most important.
Webinar class beginning September 14, 2010.
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Teaching is one of my greatest passions. Over the years I have trained and mentored hundreds of professional coaches for several different learning institutions and training organizations. I did this for more than my own personal love of teaching. I did this because I had a vision of how different the world could be if everyone had basic knowledge of coaching skills and the underlying concepts that catalyze true transformation in individuals.

I still guest lecture for coach training programs and I also assess coaches for professional certification, but my game has now gotten bigger and more aligned with my original vision.

The two programs below are perfect vehicles for me to expand this vision by teaching basic coaching skills and transformational concepts for people to use in the work they do, in the lives they lead and with the people they interact with every day. I am the Executive Director of Creative Development for Coaching Out of the Box® and I am the author of Personal Groundwork for Coaching™. I am passionate about the exceptional quality and high standards each program upholds.

Coaching Out of the Box® is a wonderful entry point to learn basic coaching skills as a communication and leadership tool. It is designed to give managers and organizational leaders a fresh, high-impact mode of communication and interaction that will result in higher performance from those around them.

Personal Groundwork for Coaching™ is an eight-week, webinar-based program designed for individuals who are ready for personal exploration to gain greater clarity about how and why they think and behave the way they do and for making conscious choices and taking action around what they have learned throughout the course.



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