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Corporate-Executive Coaching


I’m certainly not the coach for every organization. My coaching does not revolve around organizational theory and business fads. Instead, my approach is simple and gets down to brass tacks. I’m the right coach for organizations that may have exhausted cookie cutter methods and are ready to leverage the power that comes from productive, personalized and insightful dialog between individuals.

I work with individuals and teams who need someone to get real with. Someone who will hear them out and work with them to strategize sound solutions for every day challenges. I am the co-pilot as they navigate their way through conflict, decision making, change and competing priorities.
I am that much needed sounding board and that sometimes dreaded mirror. I say the things that aren’t normally said and will have those crucial conversations that catapult people to new levels of thinking and behaving.

No kid gloves. No corporate speak. No hypotheticals.

My coaching style and range is flexible and can meet individuals at any level within the organization. I’m comfortable and confident with many personality types and can adapt my coaching strategy as needed to meet them where they are. For larger projects I have a broad affiliate network of some of most highly qualified executive and corporate coaches in North America and abroad. I can bring just about any number of coaches in to any size project.

To see if I’m the right coach for your organization, let’s talk.


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