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If you’re new to coaching you may be wondering what to expect. Here are a few things to know.

Coaching Is A Process
Coaching is a process. Your regularly scheduled and consistent connection with your coach is structured to keep you in that process. While in the process you will be discovering things about yourself that will change the way you look at what is around you. You will be asked to examine your beliefs, actions, behaviors and surroundings to ensure they are congruent with the point you want to get to. All this is designed to keep you taking steps forward with solid actions towards the things you want for yourself.

It's Not Just About Results
While results are important, they are not the sole focus of the coaching process. It is more about your evolution than the hard results. The results are a bi-product of your personal evolution within the process. And often these results end up to be much more than you could have ever imagined at the beginning. Goals and results are certainly not ignored in the process. In fact they act as the beacon points to keep us moving forward. But as you evolve the goals and intended results may change and be replaced by things that are a larger or broader expression of what is right for you.

Conscious Choices Are Key

Coaching is designed to keep you moving forward and taking action based on the continuous discoveries and choices made about you and your goals. The key word being "conscious". Most of us make many choices but they are rarely conscious, and most often based on emotions. In the coaching process your choices are examined for congruency with your priorities and objectives.

You Work At The Level and Pace That Is Best For YOU
Coaching works best for those who are ready and willing to make changes but may feel overwhelmed or unsure about making those changes. We will work to determine the level and speed of changes you are ready to make to ensure your coaching is an enjoyable and fruitful process. A good coach will keep you stretching in a way that is stimulating and usually fun. Where coaching becomes ineffective is when you may be feeling driven for results and change beyond what feels right for you. A professional, experienced coach knows how to keep you moving in a way that is enjoyable and inspires you to take bigger steps.

It's All About YOU
Remember, as your coach, I am a tool for you to get to the place you want to go. It's all about you and what you want. You get to accept, modify or reject any request made of you and you call the shots with regards to what is right or not right for you. A coach is not a guru or a sage. A professional coach is well trained and experienced at partnering with clients to elicit the very best from them. A well seasoned coach always comes from the belief that their clients are creative and resourceful. They clearly see their job is to evoke the innate wisdom that lies within each of their clients.

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