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Mentor Coaching

Anyone can be a coach. In fact, just about everyone dabbles in it from time to time. But not everyone can be a truly masterful coach. One that fully understands and employs the mechanics of transformation seamlessly. That takes an innate gift and a tireless dedication to skill development.


I mentor gifted coaches who are on a committed pathway to mastery. Diamonds in the rough, really. How do you know if you’re one of these coaches and a good fit for the mentoring and coaching I do?

• You are passionate about coaching and have a broad vision of how it can make a difference.
• You are a quick study and curious.
• Your have resilience and unwavering resolve.
• You have a high EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
• You have keen insight and the ability to see much more than what is in front of you.
• You are compassionate.
• You are generally confident and will push back on what doesn’t sound or feel right.
• You have a sense of humor and don’t take life too seriously.
• You are courageous in how you approach change and growth.
• You are looking for a partner in your success, not a savior or an oracle.


What I have to offer as a mentor is the experience of mentoring and training hundreds of coaches over the years. I have worked with both internal coaches who are building a coaching initiative within their organization as well as coaches who are building private practices. I can provide a wide range of resources, experiences and tips to the coaches I mentor.


Regarding ICF certification; as an instructor for several coach training organizations and universities, and a certification assessor for the ICF and several accredited coach training schools, I have a deep understanding of the certification process and what it takes to succeed for each level of ICF certification. I have been involved with ICF credentialing since its inception as a member of the ICF’s first Exam Committee in 1998 where the ICF Core Competencies were developed and the exam process and criteria were created. I have been mentoring coaches through this process ever since.

If you are a coach who is committed to excellence and you are looking for a mentor, let’s talk.


mentor coaching with Amy Ruppert, MCC